Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm giving Blaine the finger for his b-day

More like eight of them and two thumbs lol. I am making Beer Gloves for Blaine's b-day. It's my first try at "real" fingers even if they are just half fingers lol. I like the pattern overall except for the many many errors but that's just the way it is with SnB patterns. I have most of the first glove done and they go pretty quick. I am having a big problem with getting a jog at my joins because I am purling in the round. I am hoping that when Blaine wears them that they will stretch out those jogs and they'll blend into the fabric. I can't tell on my hand because they're a little big on me. I also did not follow the pattern for the end of the thumb (no ribbing and regular bind off); after doing the first finger as the pattern calls for, I will be going back to re-do that thumb the right way. I'll be posting all of my errata here once I am done but here's my progress so far (you can see one of the jogs off to the right of the cable).

Beer and smokes

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