Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Death's Cold Grip

I got my second set of wow yarn from indiedyer this week. The colors are beautiful! Instant love for The Non-Living colorway.

The Non-Living

So much so that I wound it the next morning and spent part of the day busting out a Calorimetry with it.

I really want to make a set of long, to the elbow, gloves with it but I just cannot find the right pattern. So many of the long gloves have cables and embellishments that I don't like to mix with such a variegated yarn but the plain stockinette ones seem too...plain. I really want to start the gloves but I've been through all of the Rav patterns three times and even looked at random ones online and still can't find one that I like. I don't want to settle for a pattern just because I am so eager to get started but I really want to knit with this yarn!

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