Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Where do you go...my lovely? I wanna know....ohohohoh...I wanna know

So...I think that this week and a half with Garrett gone and out of contact is going to be interminably long so of course, knitting to the rescue to ease those lonely nights and occupy and sad and lonely heart. What a great solution, sit on the couch and knit with B. Get in some good girl time and get some serious knitting done.

So, where exactly have the past two nights gone? I have been so busy with the gym, grocery shopping, cooking dinner, working out my finances and phone calls up the ass that I haven't touched my knitting since Sunday!! I got more knitting done in two days at the shop than I have in the past two nights. What the hell? This is not working out as I planned....

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Dame Wendy said...

I love that song! Boo about no knitting. I hate when I realize I haven't knit in days.