Monday, April 28, 2008

In desperate need of focus!

I am in such a scatterbrained mood with my knitting. I busted out that bucket hat, which was good because I've been very ADD since I finished my Clap. I'm still working on my Edgar but summer makes it so hard to stay focused on winter projects. The problem is that there isn't much warm weather stuff I want to knit. I really really need to get started on my Rogue so that I can wear that this winter. I need to actually swatch...the right way, lol. I have so much yarn that I don't know what I want to do with most of it yet and I can't afford any new yarn so my options seem to be limited but I think I'm just being lazy.

I need to clean out my WIP basket and get it back to it's original intent. I need to re-wind a couple of balls that are left over from recent FOS, measure and record them so I can figure out what I want to use them for. I should have enough of my Dream in Colors left over from my Bucket Hat to make matching wristwarmers. I promised Garrett I would make myself a pair of mittens so that my hands would stay warmer in the buggy.

I just need to focus and get myself organized so I'm more motivated to get started on new projects.

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