Friday, March 28, 2008

<3 on all sides

How could my birthday have been any better. Ok, well, besides the obvious having my mom and Wendy here with me. Almost as good....more yarn!!! Yes, more yarn. Never enough yarn. And a very cool story to go with it.

Mom sent me a birthday card. I knew there was going to be $100 in it and I really wanted to try and get more of the Artyarns that B got for me. It was just so beautiful and incredibly perfect. I got home from work on Monday, picked up my card and money, called Harmony and had her set aside the last skein so I could pick it up. On my way to the shop, I called mom and thanked her and told her that I was on my way to pick up the yarn. I got to the shop and talked to the owner for a bit and she showed me some fun stuff before I wandered off into the yarn for some serious shopping. As I was sitting on the shop floor, surrounded by a dozen hanks of yarn, the owner got a call that sounded a little strange from what I heard through my daze. I thought maybe it was B calling to have me pick something up for her and to pay with her credit card over the phone but she didn't say anything to me once she hung up so I just forgot about it. I picked out a yarn for the Better Bucket Hat and another pretty yarn that I wanted to try. I went to check out but I had to wait for her to finish running the credit card she had taken over the phone. She rang me up once I was done and gave me the total. As I was getting my money out she goes "Oh! but you have this $50 gift certificate that your mom just called and bought!!". So awesome. She's the best mom ever.

IMG_2486 IMG_2485

I decided to make a mini-clap out of the Artyarns. Well, more like the yarn decided. It's beautiful. The yarn is a dream and the colors are gorgeous knit up. I'm almost done with it, but I have to break into the second hank for the last five rows, of course. I also found a matching wristwarmer pattern that I'm pretty excited about. They won't be warm, but they match. I don't really like the Clapotis hat, so I don't know that I will make a hat to go with the set. I might just see if I can figure out a headband pattern to go with it.

I think I found a pattern to use for the Noro Cash Iroha that Logan picked out for me as well. To top it all off, I found a website to buy Travertino!!! I ordered it on Wednesday and it should be here early next week. I have something to make with all of the new yarn I've gotten and that's really neat. I can't wait to start new projects!

Kitten is loving the Artyarns too...

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