Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sweet Relief

I finished Blaine's stuff last night! Yayyyyy! I feel so much better with it done. I felt bad that I had been enjoying my DS for a week and he was still waiting on his stuff, lol. I finished up the scarf and then busted the second glove right before we went out. I have them to him after we left the Horse and the really liked them. Good thing I brought them with me because he was walking around with no jacket on. Silly boy.

Logan's yarn came in and B and I both really like it. It's going to look so nice. I am going to take a couple of days off from the pattern before I start his. It doesn't have to be done for a couple of weeks so I should be ok. I'll have some time to knit in CA and on the plan rides.

It's so nice to not have any pressure on me now. I have to be really careful about the commitments that I make when it comes to knitting for other people. I back myself into corners with my deadlines and then I end up not enjoying it and I don't want to not enjoy my knitting.

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