Saturday, December 29, 2007

Travel, flu, stitch markers and a sabbatical postponed...

Well, my vacation in CA was great. The weather was perfect the entire trip. Wendy and I spent a ton of time together which was so awesome. Garrett was texting me non-stop; he's so sweet! It was just a really really great trip. I didn't get any knitting done. I think I might have gotten in all of ten minutes on my scarf askew, lol.

Before I left, Blaine mentioned that one of his gloves wasn't fitting right. I was worried about that. I thought I had messed it up but I was really surprised that he actually noticed, lol. Not a big deal; I'll just whip out a new one this weekend and give it to him when we go out for New Years. I meant to take Logan's yarn with me and get a lot of work done on his scarf but I forgot it. lol! So, that's the little postponement to my knitting-for-me-only sabbatical. It should only take a week or two to get done though, especially since it's my third one, lol. I'm really. really tempted to make one for myself too.

B got me those awesome stitch markers that everyone is talking about on ravelry. They are gorgeous!!! Too bad she blew her cover posting about it before X-mas, lol!! I guess I wasn't supposed to be on Ravelry while I was on vacation, hehe! I got her the portfolio for the KP Options needles and she loooves it. I saw Wendy's in CA and I was so glad I got it for B. It's so great; I want one now! LOL!

Yay for a good Christmas!

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