Friday, January 18, 2008

Shop Talk

I went over to Garrett's last night; he was working on his frriend, Andy's, buggy. I took his hat with me and gave it to him. I was totally blown away at how much he liked it. He tried it on and it looks really good on him. I'm going to make a vouple more in some different colors and yarns. I told him that I made it out of a durable yarn (Simply Soft) and that it took me all of four hours to knit, so he coulld throw it in the washer and beat it up all he wanted since I can just bust another one out. In fact, this one that I am working on now might just be the backup, lol! The best part is that he bragged about it to Andy!!! Here we are, hanging out in the shop, all greasy and dirty, boys farting all over the place, Boomer trying to drink anti-freeze and Garrett keeps talking about the hat I made him and how impressed he is with my knitting and making Andy acknowledge my skill in my craft. LOL! It was sooo cute and it made me feel really good. I am so happy that he liked it so much. :)

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