Sunday, January 6, 2008

So happy

I have been so incredibly happy with my knitting the past couple of weeks. My headband turned out so cute. I still need to put a button on it so I can actually wear it, lol. I finished the first glove to go with it and I am really happy with it. I'm going to start on the second one today. The yarn is so great; I forgot how much I loved that yarn. It is so soft and this colorway is so adorable.

I worked on Logan's scarf on Friday night. It's coming along. It really is a quick pattern for coming out looking so complicated, lol. I'll work on that a little today too.

I splurged a little and bought some new yarn yesterday. Michael's was having a sale on all of their yarns so I got four skeins of SWS. I've been wanting to work with it some more so I figured I might as well get it while it was on sale. I got two skeins of the black and grey to make a matching hat/glove set. I'd like to eventually get enough of the same color to make a scarf as well, but that gets expensive fast, lol. I got a really pretty pink and green and a blue and brown. I am really excited to make a couple of cute hats out of them.

I have so much that I want to knit!!! I want to do it all today!!!

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