Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dammit, Travis, stop being right!!!!

I went to dinner with Travis last night and I was teasing him about wearing his scarf around all night. He's really excited about it (he even wants me to give it to him before X-mas. Nothin' doin kidddo). He wanted to know what color it was and he started harping on me like he is wont to do. I told him in no uncertain terms that I wouldn't tell him so he started guessing. That fucker guessed on his first try. "Is it black and gray? It's black and gray, huh? Is it? Am I right?". OMG, shut up!! Of course, I maintained my composure and only said "I am not going to tell you.". Of course he asked me if I would tell him if he guessed and I said no. His reply. "It's black and gray; I'm right.". Uuuuugh! I'm tempted to bust out some hideous color quick and easy scarf and wrap that up for X-mas. teeehehehehe. I am evil and I love it.
I was a good girl and I worked on Travis' Danica last night and I got quite a bit done. I am getting close to the end of my two skeins of yarn and I don't know if it's really as long as I want it to be. Kind of funny though, I held it up next to B last night as she was stretched out on the couch and the scarf is almost as long as she is tall. Cute little B, hehehe. I am going to get another two skeins this weekend and make the hat and gloves and then I'll use whatever is left over to finish off the scarf. It'll actually be pretty cool to not have yarn leftover from a project for once. Those little scrap balls haunt me. I'm too OCD to throw them away but I never know what to do with them so they just kinda hide out in random bags, under piles of clothes and behind my piles of full hanks of yarn. I really need to just get over it and throw them out.....eventually.

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