Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Selfish knitting

I don't get to do much of it. I am constantly surprised at how much of my knitting is given away. I've always been someone that likes to make things and buy things for my friends so it's really no mystery. I just really want to knit something for myself. This time of year is kind of a lost cause, but I've decided that Januray 1, 2008 marks a three month commitment to knitting for only me. I figure that will give me enough time to knit up a few things that I will still have enough cold weather to wear and I don't have any knitting commitments past Christmas.

B came up with a great idea. She said that we should pick some time every year and just knit something for each other off the other person's queue. That way, we'll have something that we want. :)

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